Monday, September 10, 2012

etsy find: hella slingshots yo

I've been feeling mischievous all day, so I thought I'd share these Hella Slingshots with ya'll. 
Brought to you by: Hella Slingshots 
There is nothing boring, or drab about this classic children's toy, I think the more modernized Denise the Menace would agree. 

This is a toy for responsible adults only! 
In other words, display it on the wall... loosely... and of course if you are ever so tempted to fling pudding balloons out your window, HIDE!!! Because, it t'would really be embarrassing to be known as the ass who made everyone turn into Bill Cosby zombies.

These slingers were made by "human" hands, in beautiful San Francisco. 

Last but not least, the artist of Hella Slingshots, Adam Gray has a 'serious as killing somebody  with a slingshot' disclaimer: 

Adam Gray and Adam Gray LLC will not be held responsible for any injury or accidents caused by the slingshots and other products he sells. By purchasing one of our products you agree not to sue Adam Gray no matter what, for any reason, or anybody related to him by blood or business. Hella Slingshots strongly suggest parents supervise their young kids whenever they are using slingshots. And please refer to the Safety Guidelines for some safety tips.

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