Wednesday, September 19, 2012

inspiration: stationery & other things made from trees

I have most recently decided, that I am going to begin corresponding with friends/family via stationery, rather than e-cards. Although e-cards are ecologically friendly and the odds of me having your e-mail address rather than your home address is highly likely, I nonetheless have some beef with internet greetings. 
There is just something special about a solid object one can hold, smell and feel.

Recently I walked down one of my favorite streets to window shop in San Francisco, and I came across 4 different paper and stationery supply stores within blocks of one another.  I found these stores to be overwhelmingly pleasant, as if I had walked into estrogen heaven and decided upon myself that I must make a reason to own these perfectly adorable stamps, pencils, pens, cards and cleverly designed stationery sets!
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