Friday, November 9, 2012

inspiration: clever & modern cuckoo clocks

This swirl of girl cuckoo design houses a dotty eyed friend. Find this at MySweetMuffin - the most deceivingly named website of all time... 

Oh so plastic, oh so pink! Brought to you straight from the land of plastic aka PlasticLand.

This sleek and modern clock comes in tangerine, or green and hails from Italy. Discover more information where it is sold at CouvertureAndTheGarb.

This cuckoo turns any old house into a chalet oasis. Smell the alpine and purchase yours at Rowen&Wren.

Friday, November 2, 2012

get the look: rainy days & mondays

Don't let "Rainy Days and Mondays" bring you down!  Get super soaker inspired by this fresh, bright and fun outfit extravaganza!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

get the look: halloween spook fest

Halloween was a success, which is no surprise, since it is the only "holiday" I actually put any deadly energy into. Obviously I was a 12 year old, vampire ballerina from the 1930's with a thirst for human blood. I had to verify this many times with folks who came to my spooky party... they seemed to think I was a dead zombie bride, boy did I show them.  For almost the entire evening I stalked people with a the look of hunger and rarely spoke a word. 

This was our last pose together, before I ate the crap out of that Jumanji man.
The Halloween spook fest party was on a Friday. Come Wednesday evening, which was technically Halloween, I immediately became Super Martha Stewart and set-up the front entrance of the house for the smelly little children in barely impressive halloween attire expecting my awesome arrangement of candy bars. The babies don't count, since the creepy parents choose those fluffy little bear and elephant costumes.
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