Tuesday, December 18, 2012

inspiration: the breakable & the fluffy

1.  Wrap your hands around this unique, handmade ceramic bowl, molded and fired by New York artist Bryce Wymer.

2.  I adore these sweet little vases, with their textured and colorful patterns. They are created by the very talented potter Cynthia Vardhan. 

3.  Lonely and need a friend that doesn't poop, or move much?  Then you need a sloth friend! These wool sloths are the perfect little addition to any stocking, plant, bed, or pocket. They are lovingly hand needle felted by artist Kami Goertz.

4.  These lively ceramic plates are designed by artist Nina Van De Goor, she is inspired by the mid-century modern era. Currently, she is on maternity leave, but her shop on Etsy will be open within the next few weeks. Congratulations to her on her new little human addition and I look forward to her new designs!

5.  These hand knit, hypo allergenic bolster pillows are brilliant! I love everything about them and I am probably going to fill my entire bedroom with them by the end of this blog post... They are top notch and I applaud the designers at Chic Sin Design!

6.  Yay for knitted anatomy aka aKNITomy! This concept could have saved millions of frog lives in 1960's biology classrooms. All handmade and made to order by artist Emily Stoneking. These little frogs come pinned to their dissection trays, but not glued, making it possible for you to 'embrace' said dissected knit frog with a long awkward hug.  

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