Tuesday, December 4, 2012

inspiration: tis the season for unique online shopping

  Here are some of my favorite 'gift picks' I discovered:

For Her: 

1. Have her slip into these Soir de Lune slippers. They are as soft as butter and made with the finest leather, but the real finishing touch is the satin bow on top. 

2. The mineral pyrite never looked so elegant than these handmade stud earrings by dinosaurtoes and cased in a brass setting. 

For Him:

1. General Knot & Co is a tasteful gift for any fancy lad, or dandy in your life. The creators aspire for nothing but tasteful vintage and all ties are handmade in the US and with limited quantities, so the 'dandiful' man in your life can stay as original as his taste in great film and music.  In all seriousness, these ties are freaking awesome!

2. Did you ever wonder how Tommy Dewar carried his father's whiskey all around the world? Me neither, but at least it makes for a unique gift! The canvas bag is handmade and comes with a custom Dewars flask, but you need to supply the Dewars! See this masterful gift in all of its glory here.  

 FYIBefore I forget - I found all this stuff on Materially, which I've found to be the best curated commerce community out there.  What's more - if something you 'want' ever drops in price, they'll email you!  I've never seen a site that will do this for any retailer... 

Materially is invitation only, so in the giving spirit, lick your 
screen here, I mean click here for your invite.  ;)

For the Kids:

1. Being blessed with normal two eyed kids is cool and all, but for the millions of parents who have dreamed that their children would one day join the ranks of all of the great X-Men mutants, these mittens are for you! I mean your children! Or... somebody's kid you know! View them here

2. Bring even more of a magical dimension to your child's bedroom, or playroom with this very unique shadow box  brought to you by French designer Tiphaine Mangan

For the Home

1. Restoration Hardware has made a more economical version of the MP3 device friendly Gramophone. Both elegantly modern and antique all wrapped into one awesome speaker system!

2. Sometimes crystal glasses just don't make the "cut" for gift giving... sometimes you need to step it up and create something brilliant and even more beautiful, such as these hand cut crystal light bulbs designed by Lee Broom.

Fantasy Hotel Escapes:

1. Prefer to skip town and get away from the hustle and bustle of normal, mortal human life? Then this mountain lodge is perfect for you! It's as if you walked right into an enchanted land full of Hobbits and Elves when you stay at the Montana Magica Lodge in Chile.

2. The beauty of the Amalfi Coast in Italy is almost enough beauty to take in for a lifetime, but in addition, to get a reservation for a very special occasion at Le Sirenuse Hotel... then you might as well call yourself one of the lucky 99.5% who get this special and $$$$ opportunity.   


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