Monday, February 11, 2013

inspiration: bhldn "vintage" spring wedding

"bhldn" a name inspired by the Dutch word for "to keep" has spring fever and I am blushing just peaking at their spring line! 

Whether you want to get hitched, or feel utterly romantic for Valentine's Day, bhldn will cover your tush!

Above & below are the curations of my personal favorites from their website.  Don't be shy to checkout the rest of their goodies. 


  1. I wish I could afford bhldn for my wedding! I challenge you to find cute stuff similar to the items you have shown above, in particular those pumps! :)

  2. You rock! I have never heard of this brand and I am in girly heaven now...

  3. Danielle, that might be a great idea for another post! Especially in honor of Valentine's Day... Feel free to e-mail any of your own ideas!
    Thanks Rachel, I couldn't agree more :)


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